Writing/Content Strategy

Below are some samples of my business/technical writing, as well as a case study for a challenging and fulfilling web content strategy project I led.

Draft requirements document for an authoring tool to be used to publish content to an educational website used by surgical students

Functional spec for a major enhancement to add personalization features to a medical reference site

Technical Case Study for a user signing up for a free trial website membership

Documentation explaining a page-views report in a client’s authoring tool

Case Study: UVA Lifelong University site
Screenshot of UVA Lifelong University site
UVA Lifelong University Site (prototype)

I successfully led the strategy and development of a complex faceted search/browse site to help visitors find useful, relevant online educational content produced by the University of Virginia.

This included developing both a site concept and a project plan; conducting user and content analysis; devising the strategy for a content database, taxonomies, and search/faceted browse interface; creating wire frames for the site; and collaborating closely with a web UX designer and a developer.