Headshot: Charlottesville, VA writer and content strategist Jenn Dungan

Driven by a passion for clarity and effective communication, I’ve forged a career in writing, editing, and the organization of complex content.

I offer a powerful ability to learn and deeply understand complicated material, then translate it into clear, well-organized, accessible content. My strong blend of analytical and communication skills has enabled me to solve thorny challenges in technical writing, journalism, content strategy, web business analysis, data organization, and grant writing.

I’m a fierce proponent of well-placed modifiers, parallel construction, and the Oxford Comma.

When not solving communication/content challenges, I also enjoy learning and playing the cello, word games and puzzles, reading, art and craft projects, and exploring topics in history, public affairs, psychology, education, philosophy, and cognitive science. I’m fascinated with how we learn and grow, both as individuals and societies. My personal motto is Ancora Imparo, which means “Still, I am learning.” I intend never to stop.